A seed fund for companies making a positive impact to the planet.

The world is at an unprecedented environmental tipping point. We believe that some of the biggest problems of today also sit in the largest markets, such as energy and FMCG. To avert disaster, many industries will likely be transformed or collapse in the coming decade. This changing of the guard will give rise to new companies which can help solve these issues and nurturing the earliest stage companies to become disruptors is where we believe the real catalyst for change exist. 

Accessing green investments at Seed stage has always been difficult for investors. There are plenty of options in public markets comprising of negatively or positively screened funds and alongside infrastructure projects, but there is a clear gap at the seed stage. Environmental and social impact are hard to measure, meaning traditional VC money typically holds off until Series A or later rounds, creating a missed opportunity with startups. 

Go Thrift Founders (Katie, Carl, Sam & Sarah -‘Wear Without Waste’

Proven Investment Strategy

GreenTribe is a SEIS and EIS investment firm. We look for early stage innovative opportunities. Our approach aims to maximise potential returns whilst lowering the risk associated with these early-stage investments.

We look for ambitious entrepreneurs and help them build scalable businesses. For our investors, we build diversified portfolios of high-potential SEIS and EIS eligible opportunities in order to optimise the risk/return profile of seed investments.

Our involvement does not end with the investment. We continue to assist investors and entrepreneurs on their journey to achieving a successful exit.

We mitigate some of the risks associated with SEIS and EIS through diversification. Every year, we plan to invest in over 50 companies across various sectors from Consumer Goods to B2B Software and Life Sciences, bringing diversity to investors’ portfolios.

Our investment fund is aligned to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Raising up to £5m to place into Pre-Seed up to Seed investment rounds, with companies that by their nature create profits and positive impact in equal measure. We provide support to entrepreneurs in creating their pitch materials; helping them achieve matched investment either from another fund, angels or via an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Building for the future

We believe the most profitable companies in the future will be the ones who implement internal policies that include diversity and inclusion, environmental impact, fair pay and social good.

All investments will be required to meet a threshold on their own carbon emissions.  If they fail to reach these targets, they can offset their own emissions voluntarily. We will also aim for the full fund portfolio to be net carbon negative.

The fund will require all companies to:

  • Meet a carbon impact threshold and offset any impact that exceeds the threshold.
  • Adopt our Diversity and Inclusion policies to ensure equal representation.
  • Adopt fair pay ratio policies from the highest to lowest salaries.
  • Have a vision to become a B-Corp within 5 years, if they aren’t one already. 

Fruu – ‘Turning Wonky Fruits Into Earth-Loving Vegan Skin Stuff’.

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